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SDSM: The texts about changing the flag and condemning people of genocide are lies

The texts published by portals “Republika”, “Kurir” and other media outlets which have shared these stories are lies, such as alleged changes to the national flag and anthem, certain ethnic groups being condemned for genocide, and changes to the language which are contrary to the Constitution, says a statement released by SDSM. The statement adds that “all these lies are...

VMRO-DPMNE is condemning the publishing of posthumous photographs of foreign ambassadors in Macedonia on the Internet

VMRO-DPMNE is condemning the hate speech by journalists close to SDSM that is published at web portals controlled by this party. The public calling for the execution of president Gruevski is a sign of powerlessness by the abolished criminal Zoran Zaev and is expressed through journalists and web portals controlled by Bihacka street (SDSM’s headquarters). The shameful writing “Can...