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“Handmaiden’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood shuns Russian sanctions, ridicules travel ban

Canadian poet and writer Margaret Atwood was joined by Hollywood actor Jim Carrey in ridiculing the travel ban to Russia imposed on them alongside 98 other Canadians. On November 14, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation published a list with a hundred Canadian citizens targeted with "personal sancions" as an act of revenge for the latest round...

Reviving the Cree and Ojibwe languages of Manitoba, Canada with TikTok

As a child growing up in the Fox Lake Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba, Canada, Sharissa Neault would hear the Ininímowin (Cree) language from her grandparents. However, the language was not passed on her mother and consequently not to Neault either. “As I grew older, I heard less and less Ininímowin until I believed it was lost,” she would...

Canada ratifies the Protocol for North Macedonia’s accession to NATO

"Canada is pleased to ratify North Macedonia accession to @NATO. As we celebrate 70 years of NATO, we look forward to welcoming 🇲🇰 as the Alliance’s 30th member in the near future", the Canadian MFA announced. Canada is the 18th country to ratify the Protocol for North Macedonia's accession to NATO.