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Tag: Бојан Маричиќ

European Commission confirms Macedonia should start the EU accession negotiations

The European Commission (EC) adopted the mini report about Macedonia and Albania that confirms Macedonia's confirmation for starting the accession negotiations with the EU. The Commission stresses that Macedonia has strengthened its efforts and has delivered tangible and sustainable results from key areas identified in the Council of EU's conclusions dated from June 2018. The EC greeted the passing...

Elections or not, screening will continue but for EU negotiations, changes to Constitution must be made

Macedonia has begun screening for the EU accession process which will end in June 2019, however, if the Prespa Accord there will be no membership negotiations, explains Bojan Maricic, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Chief Technical Negotiator in the European Integration Process. Screening, or determining the alignment of Macedonian legislation with EU law, is a technical process...