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No negotiations this weekend, Vanhoutte in Brussels for further consulations

With no actual movement or progress completed yesterday and despite the individual efforts of the Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte to move closer to coming to an agreement with the parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement over the credentials of the oppositions ministers, reported "24 News". There will be no negotiations this weekend, as Mr Vanhoutte is in Brussels for further...

Kotevski: Vanhoutte knows where to put the pressure and on who

"Negotiations are alive, and talks are ongoing, but it is best to ask the mediator of the talks, Peter Vanhoutte", said today Ivo Kotevski the Director of the Centre for Communications for VMRO-DPMNE. Whet “Meta”asked him while at bilateral meetings was the mediator putting more pressure on Vmro -DMMNE compared to all the other parties. Mr Kotevski said to comment...