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Montenegrin teenagers publish an antiwar song for the children of Ukraine

Young Montenegrin singers Milica Radan and Komnen Vuković, together with the choir D-mol, published a video clip for their antiwar song devoted to the children of Ukraine "Vratite nam snove" ("Bring back our dreams") on March 17. The song is a message demanding an end to the war and promoting empathy for the suffering children. The video clip includes subtitles...

Protesters in front of Russian embassy in Skopje shout ‘Putin is a fascist’ demanding end to war against Ukraine

Dozens of citizens of North Macedonia and Ukrainians residing in Skopje protested against Russian invasion on Ukraine through a march from the main square of the  capital of  North Macedonia to the Russian embassy on February 25. They sung Ukrainian songs and shouted "Putin is a fascist, Putin is a murderer" while carrying signs reading "Russia keep off Ukraine,"...