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Croatian citizens and businesses express support for Ukraine in various ways

Several dozens of citizens, mostly parents with children, held an antiwar protest on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb on Saturday, March 18, expressing support for the Ukrainian fight for freedom under the motto #StandWithUkraine. At the protest, the organizers read an announcement condemning the war crimes perpetrated by Russian aggressors in Ukraine, while several local Ukrainians expressed personal concern for the...

Protesters in front of Russian embassy in Skopje shout ‘Putin is a fascist’ demanding end to war against Ukraine

Dozens of citizens of North Macedonia and Ukrainians residing in Skopje protested against Russian invasion on Ukraine through a march from the main square of the  capital of  North Macedonia to the Russian embassy on February 25. They sung Ukrainian songs and shouted "Putin is a fascist, Putin is a murderer" while carrying signs reading "Russia keep off Ukraine,"...