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MEPs Brok and Kovatchev protest to Gruevski regarding attacks by SOS

On February the 15th, MEPs Elmar Brok and Andrey Kovatchev, who are members of the European People’s Party, sent a letter of protest to the President of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, regarding the attacks by "Stop Operation Soros" (SOS), which the initiative say are close to the government of "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". Brok and Kovatchev, writing as members...

Bulgarian MEPs have forgotten the true values of the EU, says Poposki

The outgoing Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki today through his official Facebook page, recalled a conversation he had with an unnamed MEP, and said that Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovatchev and Angel Dzhambaski put their personal goals and interests first while adopting a resolution on Albania's progress towards the EU, in which they requested the acknowledgment of the existence of...