With spectacular fireworks, concerts and street parties, yesterday, exactly at midnight, the New Year was welcomed in the world capitals.

Dark stain of the celebration left the incident that happened in the Chinese city of Shanghai, where at least 35 people were killed and dozens other were injured in a stampede several minutes before midnight.

There is no precise information on what caused the stampede and the investigation of the official Chinese Government is ongoing.

According to some information, the incident was caused when fake money were thrown from a building, while others say that people tried to break through the platform of the Huangpu River.

Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, hundreds of thousands people gathered before midnight to watch the world’s biggest fireworks at Burj Khalifa skyscraper. More than a million people filled the harbor in the Australian city Sydney to witness the traditional spectacular fireworks near the opera house.

In New York, hundreds of thousands people flooded the streets of the city and the famous Times Square, where they welcomed the New Year in a traditional way.

At sub-zero temperatures, tens of thousands gathered at Moscow’s Red Square to enjoy the fireworks over the church “St. Basil” and over Lenin’s Mausoleum.

In Paris, laser and light show illuminated the Triumphal Arch, while many people celebrated the New Year’s Eve at Elysian Fields Boulevard. In the capital of Germany, Berlin, hundreds of thousands people gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate, where they celebrated New Year’s Eve and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with an outdoor concert.