DUI (The Democratic Union for Integration) which are the largest Albanian party in Macedonia, and currently in coalition with the ruling party will file necessary charges against the former head of the secret service Slobodan Bogoevski, after in his testimony he accuses senior officials from the party of involvement in the “Magyar Telecom” bribery scandal.

American Internet portal ‘Main Justice’ which specialize in insider news connected with the US Department of Justice reported and published part of Mr Bogoevski’s testimony which has caused quite a stir amongst DUI members.

“His testimony is built of non-existent events and circumstances,” said DUI.

The article from “Main Justice” said that “a federal judge in New York will allow a  written testimony from the former Macedonian head of the secret service under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, in the trial of three former executives of the Hungarian telecommunications company.”

The judge believes that a written testimony will not affect the affidavit in a negative way.

Mr Bogoevski said in his testimony at the US Embassy in Skopje before being imprisoned, that he had details of specific names and intermediaries who took millions in bribes.

The previous three executives Andras Balogh, Elek Straub and Tamas Morval who all stand accused of bribery, requested that Bogoevski’s testimony be dismissed by the court as their attorney’s did not have sufficient time to cross-examine him at the US Embassy in Skopje, via video conference, because Mr Bogoevski was taken to prison by the Macedonian authorities. This request was rejected by the court. Also mentioned in the testimony is Macedonia’s former Prime Minister Vlado Buchkovski which indicates that he too had accepted bribes and back-hands. Mr Buchkovski responded in a statement saying that it was “biased and untrue”.

Former intelligence officer Slobodan Bogoevski received a two year sentence in prison for the case known as “Agent” with two lawyers, two company managers and a Slovenian national who was accused of mismanagement of the land where the Boris Trajkovski’s Sports Centre stands today.