Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, leader of SDSM is more trusted with the citizens than the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, shows the second part of the survey conducted by the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation (MCIC) and “Telma” TV, which was presented tonight.

To the question, who do you trust the most out of the politicians, 26.2% of respondents answered for Zoran Zaev, and 19.7% answered for Nikola Gruevdki.

The trust of the Macedonians in Zaev is 30.8 percent, and 25 percent believe in Nikola Gruevski. Among the Albanians, confidence in the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti, is leading with 27.1%, the leader of the DPA’s DPA (DR-DPA) Zijadin Sela with 15.1% and the DPA leader, Menduh Thaci with 2.1%.

For the first time after ten years, SDSM has a higher rating than VMRO-DPMNE.

On the question, which party you would vote in the next election, 24.3% of the respondents answered SDSM, for VMRO-DPMNE, 20.9%. With the Albanian parties for DUI would vote 8.9 %, for Besa, 3.1 %.

Regarding the local elections, when asked whether you would vote in the local elections, 79.8% of the respondents answered affirmatively, 9.2% answered negatively and 11% refused to respond.

On the question, if you would vote for a candidate for Mayor from another political party you are not a sympathizer, 43.1% answered “yes” and 40.3% “no.”

The first part of the survey, which was presented last night, showed that 58.9% of the respondents expressed that they were satisfied with the government in the first 100 days, 34.9 % answered they were dissatisfied and 6.2 % did not know or refused to respond.

The survey was conducted from 4th till 11th of September on a representative sample of 1005 respondents.