Survey: Most of the young people will either skip the vacation this summer or will head for Lake Ohrid


The young people in North Macedonia have different plans for their summer vacation in the forthcoming period, showed the survey that was carried out by the @studentarijamk Instagram profile. The questions were posted online on 5 and 6th of July, and 3.129 respondents replied.

When asked whether they plan a summer vacation during the next three months, 51.8 % of the respondents replied with yes. A little less, 48.2% answered they don’t plan to go on summer vacation anywhere during the next period.

Even though for Macedonian citizens the only open borders are those by several neighboring countries, almost two-thirds of the young people replied that even if the borders are opened, they will still stay home and opt for domestic tourism. Therefore, 65.4% answered that most probably they will spend the summer in Macedonia, while 34.6% said they will spend the summer abroad if the borders are opened. The survey showed that young people prefer the beach (71.3%) against the mountain (28.7%).

As it was expected, the most desirable destination this summer will be Lake Ohrid, which was stated as the most probable destination by almost half of the respondents (49.5) that sasi will spend the summer in Macedonia. After Ohrid, among the most popular destination are Dojran and the locations around Prespa Lake (Stenje, Konjsko, Krani). The popularity of Dojran among the young people seems to owe mostly to the D Festival because most of the respondents answered they plan to travel there during the period when the festival takes place. Out of the mountain resorts, according to the answers, on the top of the list is Berovo, is followed by Mavrovo, Galichica, and Pelister.

When it comes to foreign destinations, most of the youngsters plan to travel to some of the tourist places in Greece. Our neighbor still hasn’t opened its borders for Macedonian citizens.

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