Survey by the Institute “Dimitrija Čupovski”: VMRO-DPMNE with an 11% advantage over SDSM


27.6% of the population would vote for the VMRO-DPMNE, while 16.1% would vote for the SDSM, 6.3% for the DUI party and 2.9% of the population would vote for the DPA, according to the latest survey conducted by the Institute “Dimitrija Čupovski” which was carried out on 1.237 respondents via telephone, from October 7 to October 10.

22% of respondents answered “none of the parties”, while 17.4% answered, “I do not know”.

As for the most trusted politicians, 30.1% of those surveyed, decided that Nikola Gruevski was most trustworthy, while 8.9% of the respondents trust Zoran Zaev. 5.9% put their trust in Ali Ahmeti, and 2.6% in Menduh Thaci. However, 27.3% of respondents do not believe in any of the politicians, and 19.6% answered “I do not know” to the question.  

When respondents were asked who will win the upcoming election, 40.5% believe that the VMRO-DPMNE will win the next election, while 14.8% believe that the opposition, the SDSM will win. 7.6% believe that DUI will win, while 1.9% are for the DPA. However, 27.1% of respondents did not answer this question.

Research shows that more than half or to be precise, 53.2% of respondents believe that the VMRO-DPMNE have a better economic program, while 23.6% think that the SDSM have a better economic program.

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