Faik Arslani will remain to be the acting President of the Supreme Court since the Judicial Council still hasn’t announced an advertisement for the election of a new president to replace the dismissed Jovo Vangelovski, informs Portalb.mk.

“The advertisement hasn’t been published and you will be notified on time. We have no legally determined deadline for its publishing and until the election of a new president, an acting president has been appointed” said the Supreme Court to Poralb.mk.

According to the Law on Courts, a president of a court is elected from the judges in the same manner a judge is elected at a certain court only in this case it is the Supreme Court. The President of the Supreme Court is elected in a period of four years with the possibility of being elected for another four more.

A judge is elected as president of the court when he is evaluated by the Judiciary Council with a higher positive mark, and according to the law he has to have more points then the rest of the candidates. named as

Vangelovski’s dismissal happened due to his unprofessional manners and is based upon the case of businessman Sead Kochan who wasn’t taken into detention in the SPO’s case named as trust.

His dismissal was proposed together with two more supreme judges who outvoted their collegues in the Supreme Court’s Criminal Council, and they abolished Sead Kochan’s detention who was at the time a runaway.