The Supreme Court has decided to call off the house arrest for the suspects in the SPO’s case “Empire” to Orce Kamchev, Cvetan Pandeleski and Nenad Josifovik.

The passports belonging to Kamchev, Josifovik, and Pandeleski are held in the Basic Court Skopje 1. The Supreme Court has no authority over their passport. For now, they remain as measures for securing their presence and whether the suspects will request their passports back is not known.

Only the Director of the Directorate for Security and Counter-intelligence, Sasho Mijalkov, will remain in detention. Whether he will also be freed will be upon the Appellate Court Skopje to decide.

In the “Empire” case other suspects are Orce Kamchev’s mother, Ratka Kunoska – Kamcheva, his sister Kristina Kamcheva – Stojcheska, Vladislav Stajkovik, Zorica Arsovska, Jovanche Taskovski, Dejan Janev, Liljana Gajdovska, Todor Mirchevski and Vancho Mijalchev.

They are charged for acts such as criminal conspiracy, damaging or money laundering, fraud, abuse of position and authorizations and other acts.