“I think  good measures have been taken to ensure that the electoral roll is credible. The voters’ list should always reflect the current situation, and not the situation from five or 10 years ago, but the times people really live in. In many countries this is done automatically”, said the Head of the OSCE Mission in Skopje, Nina Suomalainen, in an interview with “Radio Free Europe“.

Regarding the question on whether all the conditions for elections will be regular, she added that the present situation looks very good and she hopes the steps and the implementation of the Agreement will continue.

As for the eventual decision of the Constitutional Court declaring the Special Public Prosecutor unconstitutional, which could be an obstacle to holding elections, Suomalainen said that if the Constitutional Court made a decision on the matter, then political parties would be required to make changes to the law if necessary.

“I believe that this commitment will be implemented. I would not like to get into the probabilities of some issues and of course, the focus should be on the implementation of the Pržino Agreement and the second part of the agreement which was signed this summer in association with all of these aspects”, added Nina Suomalainen.