The horror of students in “Goce Delchev” is ending


Intensive work is done to renovate a block of the dormitory “Goce Delchev” in Skopje.

META was in the dormitory to check how the rehabilitation of the building, from which some really frightening photos appeared in the foreign media, is going. The current situation is as follows:

Fourteenth and thirteenth floor are almost done, and there is still an intensive work on the first floors. The walls on the upper floors are plastered, the floor is completed, the tiles are glued. The lower floors, installation and heating are still being set, while walls are to be plastered. Plasterboard is still not set on the walls on the ground and first floors, while installation is being setup. After rehabilitation, the facility should have a completely new installation, new heating and new water system. All the doors and windows will be completely replaced, and the two lifts will be replaced.

Workers we met there said that the reconstruction should be fully completed until May and that is why they are working in earnest, even on weekends.

– We are working intensively because we have to finish the building as soon as possible. We work every day, even on weekends. We will rest for Easter, but then we are again starting the intensive work. Before starting with the rehabilitation, the facility was almost completely ruined, without basic living conditions – says one of the workers.

Once British “Independent” published photos of the ruined state of the dormitory “Goce Delchev” in Skopje, the Ministry of Education decided to gradually reconstruct the four blocks. The reconstruction of the first block B, which began in October last year, is currently ongoing. Although the deadline for completion of the reconstruction was in March this year, the construction is still ongoing, and the students who lived in the block are allocated to other blocks.

Construction work is performed by the company “Via” from Vevchani and according to electronic procurement system, the contract between the Ministry of Education and “Via” costs 76,397,375 denars, i.e. 1.2 million euros. The agreement was signed on 6th of August 2014. Several years ago, the same company also built part of Ohrid General Hospital. The president of the Municipal Committee of SDSM in Ohrid at the time, Naum Jovanovski, accused of nepotism, saying “Via” is a company of the father of the wife of former MP from VMRO-DPME Aleksandar Spasenovski.

The program of VMRO-DPMNE “Verified” reads that the entire dormitory should be completely repaired by 2016.
“We will continue with the construction and reconstruction of accommodation facilities for students. Until now, part of the student complex “Stiv Naumov” is fully restored, with the construction of eight completely new pavilions for accommodation of students at the site of the old barracks and both male buildings are also reconstructed. In the following period, complete renovation of the dormitory “Goce Delchev” – Skopje is planned. The renovation of this dormitory will be in phases with completion in 2016. Budget: 400-500 million denars,” reads the program.

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