Students of the technical faculties boycott classes


Students of the technical faculties boycotted classes one day before the seventh plenum, called “Autonomous Zone”, on which the occupation of the universities should be discussed. The official Facebook page of “Student plenum” stands a statement to boycott the technical faculties.

“The boycott of technical faculties is successful! Come on, members of the plenum, the battle for better higher education is far from over,” reads the Facebook page.

The postponement of the implementation of the recent amendments to the Law on Higher Education is to be voted in the Assembly today. The session was scheduled for 1 pm, but it still has not started.

Yesterday, representatives of “Student plenum” said for META that they are ready for occupation, but that it will be decided tomorrow, Wednesday, on the seventh plenum.

– On the plenum on Wednesday will be discussed whether to occupy the university and the decision will depend on the mood of the students. After Government’s promise that official meetings will be scheduled from both sides in order a new law on higher education to be prepared, there is still no specific announcement of such meeting. We’ve seen such promises before, but now everything remains in theory – said Anastasia Petreska of “Student plenum”.

Regarding the plenum announced for tomorrow, Facebook page reads that the delay of the implementation of the articles of the law is only the first step towards what the students demand, which is a new law that will systematically review the concept of higher education.

“We heard promises, but we do not intend to sit at home and hope that karma will do the rest. We got so far because we are united and we fiercely oppose imposed reforms in higher education,” reads the statement.

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