Today, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he expects Alliance leaders to decide at the Summit in July, whether to officially start negotiations on Macedonia’s full-fledged membership in NATO.

Stoltenberg expects Macedonia to be invited for full membership and the start of accession negotiations, however he went on to say that the country’s admission will depend on the epilogue of the Treaty with Greece, namely, the country’s admission will depend on the outcome of the referendum.

“I expect heads of state and government to agree on accession negotiations, then we can invite FYR Macedonia to become a full member, only if the agreement is finalized. Finalization means full ratification, a referendum and a positive outcome in the vote, if all that happens, I am optimistic”, Stoltenberg repeated.

Stoltenberg said that if the agreement on the name is not accepted in the referendum, it would be difficult for Macedonia to receive an invitation to NATO.

“If FYROM implements and finalizes the agreement through a positive-vote, then NATO will invite the country to become a full member. This is a historic agreement that provides a historic opportunity for FYROM to become a member, and I call on the people in the country to seize this opportunity and support the agreement. If the agreement is not supported, I do not see how it will be possible to invite the country. This is a unique opportunity that should be seized”, said Stoltenberg.