This past weekend, the state of emergency was lifted on the territories of municipalities of Debar and Centar Zupa, and during today’s session, the government decided not to extend the state of emergency and to abolish all additional measures for these two municipalities that started on the 13th of March, informs the government’s press service.

Starting from today, only but curfew restrictions that apply to the rest of the country will apply to them. This decision arrives upon the proposal of the Main Crisis Coordination Headquarters, since in the past 10 days there have been no new Covid-19 cases reported in both municipalities.

Out of 49 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 16 people were cured, 4 have passed away, while 8 are awaiting the results of the second testing. At the moment, 29 patients are treated outpatient.

Agron Budzaku, the Director Crisis Management Centre expressed his gratitude to all medical personnel for handling the situation in both municipalities including the local authorities, ARM, MOI, the Red Cross and the Direction for Rescue and Protection.