Starting from tomorrow, Serbia will delete the term FYROM from the pay toll receipts

For a whole month, Macedonia has been named by using the term FYROM on the pay toll receipts in Serbia, informed by Serbian enterprise “Putevi Srbije”

“Regarding your question and related to the term used on the toll receipts at a location on the highway near Preshevo, we inform you that the system for charging tolls at the stated location was put to use a month ago and is still in a testing phase. For your information, tomorrow on the 21st of January 2017, the receipt will state the relation Levosoje – Preshevo”, informed “Putevi Srbije.”

After “Meta” requested an answer on Tuesday whether they have information that at Serbian tolls we are designated as FYROM and since when the Serbian tolls have used this term, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Macedonia came out today with an announcement where it is stated that they have reacted immediately to the authorities in Belgrade and have requested an immediate correction.

“This omission should be corrected immediately. We believe that this provocation that is insulting the feelings of Macedonian citizens is not a sign of good neighbourly relations. It is inappropriate and shameful to be named in an insulting manner as neighbours” state MFA and add that the use of that term and its acronym instead of Republic of Macedonia’s constitutional name is in contradiction to the established diplomatic relations between Macedonia and Serbia.