“Srbija danas” omits an “and” in text about Pendarovski and the Albanian voters


The anti-western Serbian news site “Srbija danas” (Serbia today) yesterday published a text about the results of the second round of the presidential elections in Macedonia, which is none other than speculations and slander and gibberish.

The text, full of speculations and slander, is also a personal attack on the newly elected president of Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

It claims that Pendarovski won due to the votes of the Albanians, which is not true. The key word “and” is missing. In other words, Pendarovski won with the votes of others “and” with the votes of the Albanians.

Then, “Srbija danas”, begins with its series of speculation and slander – that now the Albanians in Macedonia have a “prime minister, head of parliament and president of the state” and have taken over all North Macedonia. Also, Pendarovski is berated for saying “Thank you” in Albanian on Sunday night, when he proclaimed victory.

As “evidence” for these claims the accusations from the president of the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia, Ivan Stojiljkovic, that “25% Albanians now rule the entire country”, are mentioned.

Hence, let us ponder the well-known facts.

Macedonia is a democracy in which, according to the estimations of home and foreign observers, the elections were fair and democratic and a new head of state was duly elected.  Of course, this included the votes from the Albanians, but this does not make Stevo Pendarovski a future president that will only advocate for the interests of the Albanians. He clearly said that he will be president to all citizens.

The first man of the Macedonian Parliament is Talat Xhaferi, who was elected in the Parliament, despite the attempts of the defeated in the last parliamentary elections, the current opposition, to obstruct the election. His choice was welcomed by the international factor.

The third part of the “Albanian trinity” (Pendarovski – Xhaferi – Zaev) is in office since June 1, 2017 and remains unexplained how he entered the “Srbija danas” scheme.

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