SPP: Official investigation opened against Jankuloska, Janakieski and Bozinovski for election fraud


The Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva today held a press conference to announce their first operation which they’ve named “Titanic.”

In it, as reported by the Special Prosecutor, investigations have been opened against former ministers Gordana Jankuloska, Mile Janakieski, and against the Secretary of Government, Kiril Bozinovski, for criminal conspiracy, electoral violation, violation against the freedom to vote, bribery and the destruction of election materials, and all for forging the elections.

In a hall packed with journalists and foreign observers, the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva began the press conference. Janeva spoke about details after opening the investigations and thanked the International Community for their support and said justice will prevail against all threats.

“Justice will prevail despite the difficulties and threats from certain political parties and constructed criminal charges against me and my associates. It has been encouraging to know the International Community support me, and the support also from the legal practice. We will be opening 10 criminal cases concerning elections, and human rights violations”, said Janeva early on and then left the press conference.

At the end of the Press Conference as the two prosecutors Lence Ristovska and Fatime Fetai were leaving, journalists almost fought among themselves who to ask questions first.

In a tense atmosphere, some journalists asked Ristovska about Katica Janeva’s property, the transparency of the spending of the Special Public Prosecutor and of the transfer of materials of the wire tapped conversations.

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