The Special Public Prosecution informs that it still hasn’t received a written notification from the Public Prosecution in order to inform whether and how it will act upon with the cases from this Public Prosecution.

“On this occasion we want to express our worry due to the fact that until this moment no public prosecutor has been chosen to replace Katica Janeva, nor a new legal decision has been made that will regulate the status of this Prosecution. We are reminding that SPO’s mandate expires on the 15th of September 2020 until when the Prosecution employees’ labor relations and the institution’s current obligations will continue. The lack of regulation about what will happen to the employees, the current obligations, the archives and the materials that the Prosecution has, in a situation when the institution has no managing person, will lead to real problems in the accomplishment of the right to labor relations to employed persons and the meeting of the institution’s obligations and there will be a lack of control in the implementation of the security procedures related to all materials that this prosecution has at its disposal” states the SPO’s press release.