“We assure the public that all audio-materials available to this Special Pubic Prosecutors office are kept under strict security measures that envisage physical, administrative and data security of information”, was said in the announcement of the Special Public Prosecutors office due to the doubts that the “bombs” which “El Cheka” published might have derived from SPO.

They add that the newly published talks on Facebook profile with the alias “El Cheka” do not come from the SPO.

“Simultaneously, the analysis and processing of materials is conducted in accordance to  internal rules and regulations for registering the process of wiretapping and processing the materials, as well as the duty for complete respect for the principle of security and protection of the privacy of citizens and other persons,  guaranteed by the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Thus, every person is guaranteed respect and protection of his personal and family life”,  SPO said.

Hence, they call on all subjects that have audio-materials which are part of  illegal interception of communications, to be submitted to the SPO.