At today’s press conference given by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), prosecutor Fatime Fetai presented the progress report on the SPO’s recent work, this included proposals for two indictments. One of them according to Fetai concerns the destroying of documents relating to wiretapping, while the second proposal is related to violence outside the Municipality Centre in June of 2013.

Explaining the cases Fetai said the first indictment related to the unauthorized interception of communications, on which that the SPO had obtained sufficient evidence and expect the case to result in a conviction. Fetai went on to tell reporters, apart from the evidence presented in the “Fortress” case, there was now evidence of who, why and what means the wiretapping took place.

The second case in which the SPO will press charges to the Basic Court in Skopje, Fetai said had been taken over by the Public Prosecution Skopje

“It’s about the telephone conversation between two members of the executive government, which were made on June 1, 2013, at 20.50 pm and lasts a duration of 4 minutes and 4 seconds. The conversation took place following a scheduled meeting of the Municipal Council Centre, where such issues on the agenda were the halts called on several urban development plans, including one for Mal Ring”, Fetai stated.

She went on to add that the case had been heard from twenty witnesses, from among were some who had requested protection. Because of the SPO’s legal inability to protect them, Fetai pointed out, their evidence is only possible on a condition of anonymity, as a protection measure so that their identity may remain unknown.

In the case of a crime relating to violence, 14 people were charged, including 5 who appear to be instigators and 9 others who appear to be direct perpetrators of the violence.