SPO: Leader of VMRO-DPMNE is the prime suspect for money laundering and illegal financing


“Thaler” is the first investigation for money laundering which was announced at the press conference held by the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutor, Fatime Fetai said they are investigating the illegal financing of VMRO-DPMNE, and that they have reasonable doubt that their “prime suspect, as partly leader” even though he knew the rules and the laws, he still accepted illegal funds for financing, he did not return the money and authorized the illegal funding of the party.

According to Fetai, the SPO have evidence that suggests reasonable doubt that the prime suspect put together a group of people who collected the funds and put them into the party’s bank account and made payments on behalf of party members.

talir finansii

Prosecutor, Lence Ristoska stated that in 2009, the political party received donations in the amount of 338.211 euros, which means they received on average per day, 28.184 euros. In 2013, for six days the party received donations from 30.840 euros. Some transactions were carried out every 20 seconds.

Under the same code name, the SPO is also leading a case, where they believe they have reasonable doubt that five individuals committed crimes such as abuse of power and authority and the “president of the party” enabled illegal services from DG AD “Beton” – Skopje.


Fetai stated that towards the end of the day, the SPO will have submitted 12 requests for seizures of property and assets of the political party.

“Trajectory” (Traktorija) is an investigation where the SPO suspects 4 officials who worked in the construction of the road Miladinovci – Štip and Kičevo – Ohrid, inflicting damage to the state budget up to 155 million euros.

Fetai said that there is reasonable doubt that the suspects acted contrary to the conditions that led to negotiations with one of the two companies, even though the second company submitted a lower bid.


As for the “Trevnik” case (Lawn), according to Fetai, they have reasonable doubt that three holiday homes were built without building permits, but received approvals when the houses were complete.

Katica Janeva asked the new parliamentary majority to remove the article from the law which will allow the SPO to continue with their work.

She announced that the SPO will continue with new proposals for indictments and will continue to do so until all of the intercepted communications they have as evidence have been thoroughly investigated and she urged all those who have in their possession wiretapped materials, to hand them over to the SPO.

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