The Special Public Prosecution is trying to dispute the decision of the Criminal Court, which refused the freeze the property of VMRO-DPMNE, by sending a protection of the lawfulness that was sent to the Supreme Court. According to SPO, there are suspicions that the property was earned in a criminal manner.

Unofficially, it’s about the building where VMRO-DPMNE’s headquarters is located and is the property that SPO demands it must be taken away temporarily within the “Talir” case, where high-ranking party officials among which is also the party leader Nikola Gruevski, are charged for illegal financing of the party and money laundering.

SPO has announced today that with the request for the protection of the legality it requests that the Supreme Court to determine that “the Basic Court Skopje Criminal Council’s decision to reject its request for freezing a part of the property of a political party, is against the law.”

Otherwise, on the 22nd o May, SPO, has submitted a request for a temporary confiscation of the party’s property i.e. the court to make a decision to “ban any expropriation or sale of immovable property by mortgaging it because of a suspicion it is a result of a criminal act of a misuse of official function and authority