At the press conference today, the Special Prosecutor’s Office announced that it has launched four new investigations, code-named “Table”, “Three Hundred,” “Total” and “Tifany” that involve four individuals.

Prosecutor Fatime Fetai said that “Table” is a code-name for a case where the prime suspect is a director of a school in Zajas, the Kichevo region, who concluded an agreement for building without going through the public procurement procedure.

The “Total” case is regarding tax evasion, where the suspect is the owner and manager of the company’s “Total,” “Media Maks Total” and “Media Maks.” According to the SPO, the suspect provided false data and has used legal entities as a decoy and has evaded taxes worth 121.414 euros.

“Tifany” is the code name for this case, where the owner and manager of companies such as “Smart Centar” and “Smart group” is also suspected of tax evasion. In her company’s books, she provided false information about facts and has evaded tax payment for the state.

Under the code-name “Three Hundred”, the case is regarding an assistant minister at the MOI and is suspected of publicly procuring 300 vehicles from the period between 2008 – 2012, who has damaged the budget by 453.570 euros.

During the purchase of the vehicles, he accepted the proposal for the best bid even though he knew financially the most favorable offers and signed agreements with “Porsche Macedonia,” “Kolevski,” “Bohemija”, “Kadiz”, “Auto- Macedonia”, “Avto-kukja” and “Auto mobil” and has damaged the budget over 400.000 euros.