The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office today through its official “Facebook” page expressed disappointment with the court’s decision and said that they will appeal.

“The Criminal Court of Skopje so far missed their opportunity to be make history in Macedonia. Appeals will follow!” – reads the status posted on the site.

The Basic Court Skopje 1, last night questioned the suspects regarding electoral irregularities. There has been no official report regarding the decision of the judges from the preliminary investigation.

The Special Prosecutor yesterday announced its first action, called “Titanic” and requested the detention of eight people suspected of electoral fraud. Among the suspects are former ministers Mile Janakieski, Gordana Jankuloska, the Mayor of Pustec Edmond Temelko and the former Secretary General Kiril Bozinovski.

Janakieski and Temelko yesterday were questioned by the Basic Court Skopje 1, and early this morning, around three o’clock, left in civilian vehicles. It is rumored that the judges rejected the request for the suspects to be detained and taken into custody, however the official decision, will be announced later on in the day.