The deadlines for renewing the electoral roll have been missed. After all the abuse we found and we have only we scratched the surface around the way personal documents were issued by the MOI, who voted, it is more than clear that the existing voters’ list is disputable, with strong indications of criminal data within the list, which compromises the elections, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski in an interview with ‘Utrinski’ Newspaper.

“The MOI has taken the case and will take all necessary steps in accordance with legal responsibilities and powers. As you know, the electoral roll is now handled entirely by the State Election Commission, which should determine the methodology of renewal. But the deadlines for this are long gone. Without a new crystal clear and reliable voters’ list, it is not possible to hold fair elections”, said Spasovski.

As for the situation on the border, he says is under control and stable. The security forces, he said,are acting at the highest level of professionalism.

“There is an influx of migrants, the majority of people who are there are not there because they want to be there, but because they had to flee from their home countries. Among them are children, and maltreated people on their long journey to get here. Macedonia is bound by international conventions to protect their human rights, as has a responsibility to its citizens to ensure their stability and safety. Therefore the state must focus its capacity to provide security for the citizens of Macedonia and the humane treatment of the refugees. The MOI are working in that direction. We have regular communication and coordination with the countries of the region and we are in constant contact and coordination with countries of the European Union, because this problem is common problem, it effects us all”, Spasovski said in the interview.