The Ministry of Interior has a lot of information regarding the logistical support that the former director of the Fifth Estate, Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski, an employee at UBK, has had by citizens of this country, said the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, who attended the international conference “Private and public safety – cooperation and partnership” that took place at the Faculty of security in Skopje.

Spasovski has said that they work together with the Prosecution, but that the information still cannot be shared with the general public.

The Minister said that the procedure for extradition of Grujovski and Boshkovski is led by the Ministry of Justice with an international legal assistance with the Ministry of Justice of Greece.

When asked whether there is a possibility the former directors of UBK to start bargaining with the Greek services around sharing information about what they have been doing in the past few years, Spasovski said that there isn’t “any information that hasn’t been shared with the general public” i.e. that the public through the so-called bombs has had an opportunity to hear the conversations about their work.

Grujovski and Boshkovski were arrested on the 18th of October in Thessaloniki while they were trying to leave for Budapest with forged Bulgarian passports. They are accused in the cases such as “Target,” “Fortress” and “Fortress 2” by the Special Public Prosecution for illegal wiretapping and for the destruction of the surveillance systems.