There are no indications that the number of migrants is going to increase or that the Western Balkans route is going to be active again, said the MInister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski as soon as the second ministerial meeting ended. The Ministers of Interior and the Heads of the diplomacies of Macedonia, Greece, Albania, and Bulgaria also took part in at the meeting that was organized in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He stressed that at the meeting was discussed about global challenges that refer to the security of the four states and the region.

-It is extremely important for us to have an exchane of information, to have a cooperation in the domain of fighting terrorism and violent extremism since that is a global challenge that is demanding solutions that refer to the issue with prevention, but also the part with the repression – said Spasovski.

At the meeting, it was agreed to stage meetings each six months during which these subjects will be discussed and to maintain a contact on a level of police directors and the lower structures at the police.

Spasovski has announced a meeting between directors of the Macedonian and the Greek police during which the prolonging of the cooperation will be discussed.