The talks between SDSM and Besa’s working groups are over but without a firm agreement. As SDSM’s general secretary Oliver Spasovski has announced the negotiations are expected to continue in the forthcoming days.

-Today we have concluded the talks with BESA’s working group. The negotiations are continuing in the forthcoming days. In general, we talked about the principles on basis of which the future reformatory government should be formed. These are the principles regarding what sort of people, what sort of personnel is needed in order to achieve the reforms, but it will be based upon principles and we expect that in the forthcoming period to open up more details about the personnel for the future government, with the purpose of achieving an agreement both with Besa and other political subjects that are part i.e. should be a part of the newly parliamentary majority – said Spasovski.

He stressed that so far there hasn’t been an allocation of departments nor the choice of personnel is known and he added that the information will be announced as soon as they will be agreed.

When asked whether Besa is imposing certain conditions and whether it demands a ministry position in the new government, Spasovski stressed that hasn’t been on the agenda of today’s talks.

-We only talked about the principles and we didn’t talk at all about the allocation of departments or other details that have to be determined while sending the proposal and as a result, for a first meeting I can say that it was positive, but we will have to continue working more. We didn’t talk about setting conditions for each other, as we talked about principles. For us, as the Socialdemocratic Union, it is important to have principles on basis of which the new reformatory government will be based upon rather than imposing conditions between partners as that is not a good way of communicating 0 said Spasovski.

SDSM’s general secretary refused to answer whether they expect Besa to be a part of the new government. He said that they will know when the talks end.