The Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski today at a press conference presented new evidence, he said, identity cards had been illegally issued to people from Pustec by the Ministry of Interior at the time Gordana Jankulovska was the Interior Minister.
According Spasovski he showed documents and lists of 424 people from Pustec, and the MOI issued these ID cards so they could be found on the electoral roll and vote.
“All 424 people with illegal ID cards were found on the voters list and they all voted in the Municipality of the Centre. After I made check to the voter list, these voters from Pustec first appeared in 2011 and then the list is filled with more in 2013, upgraded in 2014, and in 2015 it reached its peak”, said Spasovski.
Spasovski says voters from Pustec in groups of 20-30 people were accommodated in apartments.