Oliver Spasovski is still the Minister of Interior and Frosina Tashevska-Remenski is still the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, and have both categorically denied that they were dismissed. Today they confirmed for “Meta” that they are working in their capacities as ministers and say that they will remain at their functions until the State Election Commission announces the final results of the election.

Oliver Spasovski told “Meta” that after the SEC reviews and decides on the appeals and complaints, they will announce the final results, and then he will finish his mandate.

“How can the Government dismiss us when Parliament appointed us? I am at work and performing my ministerial function. The law clearly states that our mandate can be terminated when the final election results are official. When the SEC reviews all 16 appeals which were filed, when the whole procedure is completed, then ask for a new minister”, said Spasovski.

Spasovski’s colleague, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Frosina Tashevska-Remenski, also says she is performing her duties in the ministry as normal.

“If until now, the voice and words of Nikola Gruevski were above the law, then that’s another problem. What the party leader said are not the final results. That is for the SEC to announce, who have yet to release the official results. Our mandate, as a transitional government, ends right up to the moment when the SEC have the the final word. I have a full mandate and I am performing my duties regularly at the ministry”, said Remenski for “Meta”.