SOS wants to harm civil society organizations with lies, slander and manipulation


Today at a press conference, 21 civil society organizations demanded a public apology and a withdrawal of all the lies, slander and misinformation presented by “Stop Operation Soros” (SOS).

If they do not receive a public apology, they say that they will be forced to seek justice in court, in other words, they will file lawsuits against them for slander and insult.

“The SOS and the people who issue orders, are obviously frustrated with free and independent civil society organizations, freedom of expression and, in general, all democratic values and principles. So in public, they spread lies, manipulated data and misleading information with the intent to silence civil society organizations”, said Filip Stojanovski, Program Director at the Foundation for Internet and Society “Metamorphosis”.

Civil society organizations stressed that it is defamation and a lie and that they were working to destabilize the country that caused the crisis, that they worked for partisan purposes and were paid to go to the protests and received millions in their accounts for partisan purposes.

“We are sending a message to all state institutions which have information on the work of civil society organizations, not to exceed their legal powers and not be put in service of the undemocratic campaign against open minded civil society organizations”, said Sanja Bogatinovski from the Association of Young European Federalists.

Civil society organizations also sent a message that they will remain true to their commitment to freedom, democracy, equality, justice and respect for human rights.

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