Without full gender equality, there is no democracy or social justice, is the message that is sent by the leftist movement “Solidarity” on the occasion of 8th of March, International Women’s Day.

– Our society is still hostage to traditional and patriarchal mechanisms of thinking and living. They play a key role in policy-making, adoption of laws and institutional practice, thereby generating a constant social injustice – gender inequality – which destroys the potential for progress in our society, is the opinion of “Solidarity”.

They emphasize that injustice and violence against women in Macedonia is an experience that they survive every day in all aspects of their life.

– The government of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI in the past years is persistently introducing new policies, laws and campaigns for re-traditionalization of society in Macedonia and reduces women to mothers and housewives, almost seizing the right to choice, and actively undermining their personal integrity through the stigmatization of women’s freedom. This Government contributes to greater economic injustice against women. Their legislative changes directly affect income inequality and the right to use sick leave – reads the announcement of “Solidarity”.