Assembly didn’t have two-thirds majority to start voting for removal of 31 mandates of opposition MPs.

Only 65 MPs were present in the hall, and two-thirds majority, i.e. 82 MP, is needed to revoke the mandates.

The meeting was not attended by all MPs of the coalition partners VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, nor independent MPs Solza Grcheva and Ljubica Buralieva.

Speaker of the Assembly Trajko Veljanoski, read the names of each MP separately. Session to revoke the mandates was delayed.

SDSM responded to today’s session of the Assembly. They said that everything that happened in Assembly in the last eight months in connection with mandates of the opposition MPs is not in accordance with the Constitution or the laws of Macedonia.

– MPs of SDSM and its coalition partners filed statements for non-acceptance of the mandates, but the majority decided to verify them forcibly. Then, opposition MPs submitted their resignations to the Assembly of Macedonia, resignations that the Government has not acknowledged in months. Opposition remains committed to its views: we will not return to the Assembly until the Government doesn’t accept negotiations on core topics that would bring democracy and the right to free choice back to the citizens – reads the announcement of opposition party SDSM.