Silent and dressed in black with white masks of their faces, citizens of association “Ajde” today marched from the Old Bazaar to the Ministry of Health. Masks were to symbolize impersonality and helplessness of the citizen regarding the institutions, and their silence – ignorance of institutions to citizens.

In front of the building of the Ministry, organizers played the sound of a heart beat that stops to indicate the death of young Tamara Dimovska, who died on 9th of February, waiting for the Health Insurance Fund to approve funds for her operation in Turkey. The group started from GEM club in the Old Bazaar, through the square to reach through the Ministry of Health. The event was organized by the Civil Society “Ajde.”

Participants limed in two rows in front of the Ministry and held a huge canvas that read “Responsibility for Tamara from…” and below the text were the faces of the Minister of Health Nikola Todorov, directors of the Health Fund, Maja Parnadzhieva-Zmejkova and Xhemaili Mehazi, Vladimir Popovski, vice-president of the Primary Committee, Aspazija Sofijanova, the secondary commission and Angel Mitevski, Chairman of the Managerial Board of HIF.

– Nine-year-old Tamara Dimovska is the latest in a series of victims of unscrupulous and irresponsible activities of the Ministry of Health and HIF. She lost the battle with bureaucracy and greedy pursuit of political points of those who had to save her, those who had the task and the mandate to do so. They did not worry about her health. Worse still, they were not concerned about the life of this child. They were and still are interested solely for their political interests. They ruthlessly calculate and sacrifice human victims – reads the announcement of the organizers.