In 73% of Macedonian big and medium-sized enterprises, the owners are men and 67% of them are general managers, while women are managing around 33% of the companies and only 27% are owners.

These are the results of the research of gender equality on managing positions in Macedonia, that the Institute for communication studies in cooperation with the “Isida VIta” institute from Slovenia was done during the period between april and June this year.

“The key obstacle why women aren’t promoted to the highest managing positions is their doubtfulness in their abilities to perform that function because they are working towards socially responsible goals and they aren’t just focused on achieving financial goals. They are the ones that are taught to take care of the family and not to be women with a successful career,” indicates the research.

A large percentage of the people questioned think that the gender-balanced managing will have a positive influence on the company’s work.

The research was carried out on a specimen of 1.200 big and middle enterprises in Macedonia and 304 company employees took part in the research.