Ohrid police filed new criminal charges for abuse of power and authority for 165 illegal temporary employment contracts against former Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, Aleksandar Petreski, who is in custody after he was arrested in the action “Eel” last week, MOI announced.
According to the police, with these activities from December 2012 to March 2013, Petreski damaged the municipal budget for about 92,000 euros.
Regarding the motives for the crime, MOI assumes that Petreski made the contracts to increase his influence in the wake of the 2013 local elections as a candidate for Mayor.
– In the period from December 2012 to March 2013, the suspect, in his capacity as Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, acting on prior premeditated, probably intending to gain greater social impact as a candidate for Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid in the wake of the 2013 local elections, contrary to the Labor Law, illegally made 165 contracts for temporary employment and services contracts, without any credible or valid need – reads the statement from MOI.
As stated by the police, he did that without adequate requests of heads of departments and other organizational units within the municipal administration, without proper systematization brought through legally defined procedure and without providing enough funds in the municipal budget.
By signing the contracts, the 2012 budget was exceeded for about 18,600 euros and the 2013 budget for little more than 37,000 euros.
– Thus, the charged overstepped his official powers and violated the provisions of the Labor Law, with which, he inflicted a total material damage of the unit of local self-government Municipality of Ohrid in the amount of 5,650,496 denars, i.e. 92,000 euros – MOI states.