At an extraordinary session, the Republic of Slovenia’s National Assembly ratified Macedonia’s accession protocol into NATO. With it, Slovenia became the second country member of the Alliance that ratified the NATO’s Accession Protocol.

During the voting process during the session, the President of the Macedonian Parliament, Talat Xhaferi addressed the attendees and expressed his gratitude in the name of the Parliament and the citizens of Macedonia. He also stressed that this act confirmed the friendly and principled relationship towards the citizens of our country,

According to Xhaferi, the signing of the Prespa Agreement and its adoption by the national parliaments is a so-called win-win situation, where all of us are at the same time winners and losers. He also expressed his hopes that by the end of this year, the Protocol will pass at the Parliaments of all 29 countries members of NATO. Xhaferi expects that this year the country will be given a date for the start of the EU accession negotiations.

According to sources, this Thursday, the Accession Protocol will be ratified by the Albanian Parliament. The Albanian media reported that Macedonia’s Accession Protocol was given a green light by the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee and a session at the Parliament was scheduled for Thursday.