The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje today announced that it has opened an investigation into the case on the mountain peak Kajmakčalan, where Macedonian mountain climbers, Kalina Velevska and Aleksandar Minovski lost their lives.

“The relevant Public Prosecutor has issued an order to the Sector for Internal Affairs Skopje – Violent Crime Unit, in order to perform checks in the Federation of Mountaineering Sports of Macedonia, regarding who, when and how organized the mountaineering expedition was, what are the necessary conditions for such an organization and whether they were fulfilled, as well as other circumstances”, said the prosecution in a statement.

At the same time, they added that an order has been issued to look into the mountaineering club “Traversal – Skopje”, their acts and decisions on the basis of which mountaineering expeditions are organized, the necessary conditions to be met, as well as the circumstances carried out at Kajmakčalan.

“By order of the relevant prosecutor, the lists of outgoing and incoming calls from the mobile phones of the deceased mountain climbers should also be provided,” stated the PPO Skopje.