SPO Has Witnesses Who Can Confirm That The Government Rigged Elections


The Special Public Prosecution (SPO) has witnesses who can confirm that senior government officials rigged elections, “Meta” has learned. The witnesses are now protected, and only a few prosecutors know their names, to protect their identities.
“The SPO has witnesses who can confirm that elections were rigged. They will destroy the myth of the ruling party’s pure victory”, said a source close to the SPO for “Meta”.
We asked the SPO whether there are any witnesses in the case of electoral fraud who will testify for the Special Prosecutor’s Office and have evidence of electoral fraud.
“Besides documentation, we also have verbal evidence, but in the interest of the investigation we can not reveal more details”, responded the SPO.
On February 12, the SPO identified the former Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska, the Minister for Transport and Communications, Mile Janakieski, the Secretary General of Government and other unknown individuals, as the perpetrators in the case of electoral fraud. This is the first case which the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) announced an investigation under the code name “Titanic”. Criminal charges were filed against five judges from the Administrative Court, and against four members of the SEC in 2013.
“In 2012, the suspects, the Minister of Interior, Minister of Transport and Communications and the Secretary of the Government, together with other unknown individuals created a group who committed crimes of electoral fraud, to gain more power within their party and for their own immediate benefits”, said prosecutor Fatime Fetai at a press conference.


Press Conference where SDSM leader, Zoran Zaev presented “Bombshell no 7”

The suspects involved in these cases, if charged could face up to a minimum prison sentence of three years.
“Based on the wiretapped conversations, the SPO has established their jurisdiction over several cases. One the cases known to the public as “Titanic” is the first case in these offences. It’s completely random, although we are working on a second case in connection with the wiretapping, acts of electoral fraud were committed and the legitimacy obtained by such elections is just the beginning of the criminalization of the entire institutional system”, said Prosecutor Fetai.
The prosecution believes that the suspects created a group who committed acts of electoral fraud and the criminalization of the electoral process, all for the conquest of power.
The prosecution has initiated an investigation against several individuals suspected of criminal conspiracy, illegal interference with the process of an election on several counts, bribery, destruction of electoral material and misappropriation of funds to finance the election campaign.
The Special Prosecutor’s Office has discovered that the Ministry of Interior for that purpose alone, issued 15,000 new identification numbers, 35,000 ID cards that were not collected by applicants and accepted more than 60,000 new citizens.
Fetai then announced that “a special case will be opened for the role of the diaspora and the local consulates”.
Below are recordings of conversations between government officials regarding electoral fraud:


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