Six persons were arrested in an action carried out by the Macedonian MoI, the Prosecution, Serbia’s MoI and the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which revealed the biggest laboratory for the illegal production of synthetic drugs in the Balkans, announced today the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski.

The arrested are citizens of Macedonia and Serbia, and the drugs’ final destination was Turkey.

The police has carried out searches on two locations in Tetovo and five in Skopje, and huge quantities of synthetic drugs, in the amount of 2,5 million euros, were confiscated.

-What was discovered were the biggest quantities of synthetic drugs in the Balkans. If the first evaluation is correct probably it will be one of the biggest confiscations of synthetic drugs internationally. The laboratory was discovered in a house in Tetovo and according to initial information, more than 125 kg synthetic drugs were discovered or minimum of 500.000 pills which value is estimated to be over 2,5 million of euros – said Spasovski who said that he expects the numbers to be bigger because the police’s activities are still undergoing.