What did Zaev answer to journalists’ questions?


Following the publication of the third series of tapped and recorded conversations, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev responded to the following press questions:

Do you expect to be arrested next Wednesday?

– Everything is possible with Gruevski and Mijalkov. You know that we are ready and nothing can prevent the whole truth to reach citizens.

Any comment on the statement of Johannes Hahn that the case should be solved via institutions?

– Through judicial systems of Macedonia? I announced that other evidence and arguments for the judiciary would follow. The outrage which we published at the previous press conference just shows how judges are appointed and dismissed, how court decisions are manipulated, how their party members are appointed judges. Believe me, this is just a prelude to prepare the public for what happens in our courts and in our prosecution. Institutions of the system do not exist and that’s why we are not in the Assembly.

One gets the impression that the government is preparing witnesses who would speak against you and would give another dimension to the case. Do you expect that your sources would appear in a trial because one part of the process will be a battle of the witness against witness?

– We do not expect the legal resolution of these cases for the simple reason that we do not believe in it. We filed criminal charges because we want to leave a mark and we want to show that we respect the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

There are rumors that you prepare street revolution and violent takeover. How do you plan to forcibly take power?

– We are the same SDSM which, accompanied by his coalition partners who were in opposition almost nine years. I claim several things: the process that we opened cannot cause ethnic conflicts. This process brings citizens of all ethnic backgrounds together. I feel it strongly, and you feel it as well. I know that citizens are disgusted by what we publish, but I claim and appeal that this Government will fall without violence. If something happens, we will manage it in the opposite direction in the interest of the citizens.

Would you accept technical government after this?

– I said publicly that technical government was the specification of our formulation of practical guarantee of fair and democratic elections. You can pass any laws, but we asked practical implementation of those laws. Now we know that it is not so. There must be a guarantee of freedom and democracy and we are prepared without any vanity and without any calculations, in the interests of citizens and the state, to sit, talk, to find a solution and certainly never repeat what happened.

How do you interpret the silence of your party opponents? Do you have knowledge of what is happening in the ruling party?

– Just as you interpret it. It is clear that they are preparing something. But whatever it is, whatever they are planning, will only draw them deeper into the mess. They will only do more damage to the state, and they won’t stop the truth or us.

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