Yesterday, the Ambassadors from various Nations sent a clear message, despite its explicit content, it was translated into a diplomatic language to all the political parties who are signatories to the Przhino Agreement, the Government, and in particular to the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE, and it’s leader, Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski.

If the Ambassadors of the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and the European Union (EU) decided to take off their diplomatic masks and spoke in plain language, what they wrote and what they really wanted to say, would actually look something like this:


What the Ambassadors wrote: What they really wanted to say:
Late Friday night, we met with Prime Minister Gruevski and expressed our disappointment at the failure to meet the October 20 deadline agreed to in the July 15 Przino Agreement for the exchange of ministers. So, we told Gruevski that he disappointed us on Friday, because there is still no Provisional Government.
We urge VMRO-DPMNE to demonstrate the required commitment and to implement the agreement in a constructive and urgent manner and with good faith. VMRO-DPMNE have been stalling talks.
We believe implementing the Przino Agreement is the best path out of this political crisis. There is no other way apart from the Przhino Agreement.
We called on Prime Minister Gruevski to empower his team to finalize agreement on the unresolved issues in the Przino Agreement and to implement the necessary reforms quickly to ensure a level playing field for elections and their national and international recognition as credible, as well as accountability for possible wrongdoing. We told Prime Minister Gruevski to give his negotiators a mandate, authority, so they can negotiate properly, accept and offer compromises, not to be stagnant so the party can have an advantage in the elections.
Regarding the latter, we expect the Special Prosecutor, appointed by a unanimous vote in Parliament, to be given the resources requested to allow her to take on the important work ahead. Give the Special Prosecutor money, people, and the facilities she needs, because she was elected by legislature, by an absolute majority of the vote. It is up to you to give her what she requires to do her job.
We have urged SDSM, for their part, to continue to fulfil their obligations arising from the political agreement, including the commitment not to publish any further wire tap material. SDSM have kept their end of the agreement, and have not published any new ‘Bombs’.
The Przino Agreement calls for the parties to put the interest of the country first and confirm their commitment to the Euro-Atlantic integration process and democratic principles. Parties should engage in the implementation of the Przhino Agreement, as it is for the Countries fate and progress, and not for party interests and their own skin.
All parties should act in good faith, to renew their commitment to that Agreement, to act upon measures agreed to with the absolute urgency that the situation demands. Parties should stop stalling and blocking talks, but start to implement the agreement.
Failure to do so will impact the assessment by the European Commission. If this is not done – Say good bye to your recommendation!
Governments, and especially their heads, have a special responsibility in times of political crisis. Gruevski should start taking responsibility as Head of the Government

Should they act immediately and clearly indicate through actions that they are taking this path, the international community stands ready to support that effort.


If everyone comes to an agreement, and we can see it, we will deliver what we promised, we will give a good recommendations in the report which will help resolve issues in the countries progress into NATO and the opening of negotiations for EU membership.