What will be built at the crime scene at Smiljkovo Lake?


After the long delay of the verdict on the case Monster, the court has now delayed the translation of the text of the verdict, delayed action, thus stopping the procedure for appeal of the defense for the first instance verdict to the Court of Appeal, stated lawyer Naser Raufi for Portalb.
According to him, the appeal procedure will be delayed because the verdict is still being translated into Albanian.
– The court delays the translation of the verdict, which was announced more than a month ago. I don’t know why they need so much time to translate 186 pages. This slows down the normal course of the procedure in the Court of Appeal, because, despite the appeal, documentation to the Court of Appeal must also be accompanied by the verdict, which is expected to be ready in the next ten days – said Raufi.
But, as the lawyer added, until it is put on the agenda and the hearing in the Court of Appeal is held and a decision is brought, five, six or seven months would pass, depending on the appeals which would be submitted to the Court.
On the other hand, as Portalb reports, Municipality of Gazi Baba plans to build facilities on the land which is under concession to the families of the defendants in the case Monster.
Despite numerous attempts, Portalb hasn’t received any information about the facilities that will be built beside Smijlkovo Lake.
Bedri Ajdari, a relative of the convicted to life imprisonment, Fejzi Aziri, stated for Portalb that the truth about the case Monster is slowly being revealed.
– We have always believed that the whole thing is connected to the deal for the land we have made and it seems that it’s true. I do not know what will build or who will build it, but I know that the murder charges are connected with the 39 acres of land that were taken under a 30-year concession in 2006 – says Ajdar.
On 30th of June this year, Basic Court Skopje 1 sentenced Alil Demiri, Ismailovik brothers, Fejzi Aziri, Haki Aziri and Sami Ljuta to life in prison for a criminal act of terrorism. They were accused that they killed five Macedonians near Smiljkovo Lake on 12th of April 2012.

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