Nikola Gruevski who was recently pardoned, managed to save 10,000 euros every month, which in a whole year has made him 118,629 euros richer, stated SDSM spokesperson Petre Shilegov at today’s press conference.

He showed the surveyed lists of Gruevski’s finances from 2014 and 2015, which the Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission did not want release to the media last month at a press conference.

“Gruevski increased his savings with US dollars, Swiss francs, British pounds in foreign currency on his debit accounts, but most of the sums increased in Denars and Euros. He declared income in the bank of 300.000 denars, and 3 million denars. It is interesting that these large sums of 2 million and 3 million from 2015, Gruevski defended himself by saying that it was from 2005 to 2012. But if so, why was it not reported in the financial questionnaire in 2014? Nikola Gruevski’s salary is 88,139 denars”, said Shilegov.

anketen list gruevski


Shilegov said that Gruevski did not rely on his salary to live, which is underlined on the graph of his finances.
“Here, Nikola Gruevski, as indicated, either he did not give correct information or said that he has acquired the money elsewhere. Nikola Gruevski has not responded to the Anti-Corruption Commission, but he must respond to citizens: How did Gruevski make this money, how did he manage to save 118,629 euros in one year? Citizens heard in “The Truth about Macedonia” about the offshore relationships between Gruevski and tropical countries, tenders worth millions and land worth millions on Vodno. This is another reason why Gruevski needed to be pardoned by Ivanov. He and his associates. Pardons must be fully annulled and all those who abused the system will have to answer to the citizens”, added Shilegov.

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