The political parties continue to delay in agreeing to a meeting of party leaders by adopting tactical positions. This proposed new meeting should involve the taking of steps to finding a solution for the political crisis, so the parties, together, can eventually come to an agreement whereby a new deadline date can be set for new elections.

In this regard, the latest statements from the various political parties, ranging from “we must start” through too “there is no need for a meeting” and, as usual, Brussels merely expresses hope, all that aside, by the end of the week, a meeting should be arranged.

In the absence of any real information, the situation boils down to key issues, whether to negotiate about negotiations to hold a leaders’ meeting, who will mediate such a meeting, and what format would any such meeting take place, however, the parties continue to try and outwit each other while at the same time insulting each other.

At the moment, this is how political parties stand:

VMRO-DPMNE: The party says it would participate in such a meeting of political leaders, however , beforehand, they would insist on knowing what topics would be on the agenda for the meeting.

Nikola Gruevski: “So far no one has contacted us concerning a leaders’ meeting. We would accept, but it is a good idea to have prior agreements and arrangements regarding topics of the meeting because it is in the interest of citizens that meetings of political leaders are thoroughly prepared with an agenda and with a list of topics, especially, because we are always being the one’s blamed if the meeting should fail”, said Gruevski.

SDSM: We must start with negotiations and arrangments for the conditions, so that fair and democratic elections can be held in Autumn.

Petre Shilegov: “Nikola Gruevski and the VMRO-DPMNE as before, are not interested in talks. Gruevski is lying and does not want to negotiate. He does not want to negotiate because he does not want to create conditions for free and fair elections. The current situation in the country is inconvenient for Gruevski”. 

DPA: A leader’s meeting has nothing to offer the political crisis, and such a meeting would be frivolous.

Menduh Tachi: “I believe the solution for this crisis can be found in an agreement between Macedonians and Albanians, which is a part of the DPA platform. If we do not sit down and seriously discuss the real issues and problems, the DPA may walk away from any type of negotiation process to resolve the political crisis”.

DUI: A meeting of all political leaders should take place because it is in the interest of the citizens, as for fair elections, we must first create the correct political environment.

Brussels: The EU delegation are in constant contact with the parties and we hope that they can come to an agreement and meet this week.